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      Social Contribution

      We’re committed to building a sustainable community.
      • Chemistry for my life - Hanwha chemistry adds value to your everyday life.
      • 06:00 AMI wake up to the chilly morning air. My day starts early but full of energy. EVAEVA is an eco-friendly material with elasticity and softness which makes it ideal for sneaker soles. Its properties of transparency, flexibility and low-temperature sealability also make EVA an ideal material for laminating films and solar-module sheets.
      • 09:00 AMLike everyone else, I move among others, picking up my pace, as I make my way into the subway to go to work . CACaustic soda is essential in a wide range of industrial products including paper, textiles, detergents, metals, food and electrical generation. Chlorine is a natural co-product of caustic soda and is used to produce polycarbonates.
      • 02:00 PMA cup of coffee cheers me up in the middle of a hectic day. PEA polymer with outstanding physical properties and environmental stability, it is found in many different forms of plastic we use every day. Polyethylene coating applied to paper cups prevent leakage.
      • 06:00 PMTime to wrap up! Driving home, my hands tap lightly on the handle. TDIsTDI is a feedstock for PU resin and adhesives. Flexible foams are used in shoes, furniture, automotive components, bedding and toys. Semi-rigid foams are used in car interior materials.
      • 11:00 PMTime to rest up for a fresh start tomorrow. Survived another day, good job! PVCPVC has a wide range of residential applications such as wallpapers, flooring materials, window frames, cable sheathing, stationary and toys.

      Hanwha Volunteers


      “Further Together”

      Guided by our founding principle of “contributing to society and nation through business” and its philosophy of “trust and loyalty,” Hanwha has been working hard to build strong trust with local communities. We believe in going further together, not faster alone because as a dedicated corporate citizen, it's’ not only our social responsibility, it’s part of who we are.


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      “Sharing Energy for Life”

      • Energy for Life - Building energy for a better tomorrow
      • “Further Together” - Sharing for win-win growth

      Vision & Mission

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      “Building a Brighter Tomorrow Together” - At Hanwha, we believe we can go further together and create a better tomorrow by:

      • Encouraging employees to contribute time and donations to bring a little more happiness in people’s lives
      • Promoting and leading programs in communities to foster growth through cooperation, sharing and inclusion
      • Creating values that reduce impact to the environment and instead, add to a brighter and healthier future

      “Make a Brighter World” Fund

      “Make a Brighter World” is a fund-raising activity that is made possible through Hanwha employee donations and the company’s gift-matching contributions. The fund supports employees in need, senior citizens who live alone, young breadwinners, social welfare facilities, and diverse volunteer activities. Our work to help is part of our efforts to fulfil our social responsibilities and to build a world that cares.

      • Every month, 500 won is deducted from monthly salaries of employees who opt into the program
      • 150% of every employee monetary contribution is Hanwha and donated
      • The donations from the employees and Hanwha are combined then used towards CSR activities

      Learning Energy for Tomorrow

      Since 2013, we’ve been offering our “Energy Class for Tomorrow” program to elementary school children. The program allows children to learn that energy is indispensable to humanity. The children also learn about ways to conserve energy and how renewable energy can lead to a pollution-free future.

      So far, 13,500 children from more than 190 schools and welfare facilities have participated in the program. Children have the chance to familiarize themselves with different concepts of energy and gain first-hand experience on generating electricity using only sunlight by building solar cars and ships. The success of these classes encourages us to continue our efforts to enrich classes with even more interesting and meaningful content. What we do is but one way of how programs like ours can influence people to make the world a better place and have a sustainable future. The starting point is when the children are young.


      Employees volunteer their talents, time and skills in CSR activities that benefit not only the people in need but also give the volunteers themselves, the sense of making a difference and an opportunity to give back to the community in which they work.

      Activities linked with In-house Clubs

      Employees volunteer for CSR activities that they are good at or have deep interests in.

      • Volunteer Photography
        Employees volunteer their time and talent to take photos of people living at welfare facilities on special occasions and at celebratory events. The pictures are nicely framed and gifted to the people who were photographed
      • Soccer Clinics
        Soccer lessons and clinics for disadvantaged children in marginalized communities
      • Basketball
        After winning the company basketball tournament, in celebration, participants generously donated coal to residents who still maintained coal furnaces to heat their homes in the winter

      We Care Volunteer Corps

      Employees fluent in foreign languages volunteer to translate written correspondences between overseas adoptees and their families in Korea. When adoptees reunite with their birth parent(s), the volunteer employees serve as interpreters during their visits to Korea.

      Citizens as First-Responders

      All HQ employees received Citizen as Firsts-Responders training from the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters.
      The training is designed to teach citizens to save themselves and others in emergencies by providing instructions on how to act as first responders before paramedics arrive at the scene.

      Other Volunteer Activities

      • Sponsored the World Pottery Contest for the Disabled to promote culture and art created by people with disabilities

      • The Kitchen Garden School is a program that offers agricultural projects in downtown areas

      • The Global Hangeul School is a program that teaches the Korean language to children of multi-cultural families

      • The Most Beautiful 1st Birthday are parties we host to celebrate the first birthdays of orphan babies


      We are committed to sharing through engagements that make every member of society happy. We are also committed to building a sustainable future in a better world. To this end, top researchers donate their talent to teach children and participate in activities to preserve and improve the ecosystems of our communities.

      Hanwha Chemi School

      Researchers teach chemistry to students who are economically disadvantaged and are part of schools in welfare programs.

      Ecology Preservation Activity at Wolpyeong Park

      Employees acquire knowledge on ecology through eco tours and engage in diverse preservation programs to protect the ecology
      of the Wolpyeong Park.

      A Warm Meal

      Employees cook and deliver meal boxes to the elderly who live alone.

      Activities linked with In-house Clubs

      • Tennis Class

      • Juvenile Soccer School


      As part of our efforts to create a sustainable future and add greater value to everyone’s lives, we engage in diverse social activities for local communities in partnership with the city of Ulsan and other companies based in the region. We strive to make our communities cleaner through river purification projects and other initiatives to protect the environment.

      EM Soil Balls to Save Us and the Environment

      We take part in local events to raise Ulsan citizens’ awareness of the environment and how to protect it. Part of our role in saving the environment includes producing EM soil balls that when applied to ponds, lakes, streams and rivers, can improve or restore their water quality.

      Partnership with Ulsan City

      22 companies based in Ulsan have partnered with the city of Ulsan for joint CSR activities. Through participation in and sponsorship by university student volunteer groups and youth volunteer camps, we engage in activities of sharing and we reach out to the entire Ulsan region.

      Small-group Activities by Production Team

      Each production team that volunteers as a group is affiliated with different business units.