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      Quality Assurance Management

      We aim to provide products that are the best in quality for the highest customer satisfaction.
      • Chemistry for my life - Hanwha chemistry adds value to your everyday life.
      • 06:00 AMI wake up to the chilly morning air. My day starts early but full of energy. EVAEVA is an eco-friendly material with elasticity and softness which makes it ideal for sneaker soles. Its properties of transparency, flexibility and low-temperature sealability also make EVA an ideal material for laminating films and solar-module sheets.
      • 09:00 AMLike everyone else, I move among others, picking up my pace, as I make my way into the subway to go to work . CACaustic soda is essential in a wide range of industrial products including paper, textiles, detergents, metals, food and electrical generation. Chlorine is a natural co-product of caustic soda and is used to produce polycarbonates.
      • 02:00 PMA cup of coffee cheers me up in the middle of a hectic day. PEA polymer with outstanding physical properties and environmental stability, it is found in many different forms of plastic we use every day. Polyethylene coating applied to paper cups prevent leakage.
      • 06:00 PMTime to wrap up! Driving home, my hands tap lightly on the handle. TDIsTDI is a feedstock for PU resin and adhesives. Flexible foams are used in shoes, furniture, automotive components, bedding and toys. Semi-rigid foams are used in car interior materials.
      • 11:00 PMTime to rest up for a fresh start tomorrow. Survived another day, good job! PVCPVC has a wide range of residential applications such as wallpapers, flooring materials, window frames, cable sheathing, stationary and toys.

      Quality Assurance Management

      Customer values is the top priority in everything we do. And as we become a world-class chemical company that provides the best products and services, we’re certain to grow. As we grow, we want our customers to grow with us.

      All employees must understand and comply with the company’s quality policy.

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      • 01. Establish and achieve quality goals that surpass customers’ expectations.
      • 02. Create reliable products by establishing accurate standards and administering strict standards.
      • 03. Continuously reduce defective rates and manufacturing costs by promoting continual process improvement.
      • 04. Achieve quality innovation and development of new products by actively responding to ever-changing market demands and focusing on our key competencies.

      Quality Management Activities

      01. We focus on quality while reducing costs.

      Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division is providing high-quality products and customized services to satisfy customers’ expectations and needs across our vertically-integrated production system. Since introducing a quality control program in the 1970s, Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division has made great strides to achieve superior quality at lower costs through continuous process improvements and advanced R&D.

      02. We are leading the domestic market with advanced products with the highest quality.

      Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division has contributed to South Korea’s industrial development by being the first Korean producer of PVC, LDPE, LLDPE, and CA. And by leveraging advanced technologies, we’ve led our domestic competitors and maintained the highest product quality in Korea’s petrochemical market.

      In 1994, after the introduction of the ISO system, Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division secured certifications enterprise-wide. We’ve continuously welcomed outside/third-party end-to-end evaluations of our systems on a regular basis to show we were not only setting standards but also exceeding them.

      03. We are developing our employees into quality experts.

      Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division fosters and promotes quality assurance inspectors within the company and to develop the vast potential and creativity by offering on-the-job training and specialized training programs to all employees. We are also encouraging our employees to propose ideas that can improve production processes and product quality initiatives using an intranet-based system and through small-group activities.