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      Company Overview

      We’re seeking to build a more prosperous future.
      • Chemistry for my life - Hanwha chemistry adds value to your everyday life.
      • 06:00 AMI wake up to the chilly morning air. My day starts early but full of energy. EVAEVA is an eco-friendly material with elasticity and softness which makes it ideal for sneaker soles. Its properties of transparency, flexibility and low-temperature sealability also make EVA an ideal material for laminating films and solar-module sheets.
      • 09:00 AMLike everyone else, I move among others, picking up my pace, as I make my way into the subway to go to work . CACaustic soda is essential in a wide range of industrial products including paper, textiles, detergents, metals, food and electrical generation. Chlorine is a natural co-product of caustic soda and is used to produce polycarbonates.
      • 02:00 PMA cup of coffee cheers me up in the middle of a hectic day. PEA polymer with outstanding physical properties and environmental stability, it is found in many different forms of plastic we use every day. Polyethylene coating applied to paper cups prevent leakage.
      • 06:00 PMTime to wrap up! Driving home, my hands tap lightly on the handle. TDIsTDI is a feedstock for PU resin and adhesives. Flexible foams are used in shoes, furniture, automotive components, bedding and toys. Semi-rigid foams are used in car interior materials.
      • 11:00 PMTime to rest up for a fresh start tomorrow. Survived another day, good job! PVCPVC has a wide range of residential applications such as wallpapers, flooring materials, window frames, cable sheathing, stationary and toys.


      Since our establishment in 1965, Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division has been at the forefront of Korea’s advancements in the chemical industry. Starting with Korea’s first production of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), we began producing a full array of basic petrochemical products including LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene), CA (Chlor-Alkali), ASR(Alkali Water Soluble Resin), and TDI(Toluene Diisocyanate), all of which has since served as base products across an wide range of industries. Our products exist in people’s daily lives in various forms and contribute to improving the overall quality of life.

      As both a leader and a chemical company in the petrochemical market, we are able to pursue sustainable growth creatively and competitively. We’re expanding our assets to include CPVC(Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride), hydrogenated resins and XDI(Xylylene diisocyanate)

      Business Statement

      An eco-friendly energy materials company leading the way in challenging and innovating with technology driven business for a sustainable future.

      Our strategy to strengthen our business is by improving our business structure that will support the expansion of both general-purpose products and a specialty product portfolio.

      Business Areas

      PO (Polyolefin)
      PO has the most extensive range of applications. It is used in the production of all types of packaging materials, container lids, and plastic bags. Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division continues to develop PO products that are globally competitive, including EVA used in shoe soles and solar cell sheets.
      • No.1 in domestic
        market share
        (LDPE, EVA,
        LLDPE Total)
      • Specialty products
        products) account for
        66% of total sales
      • World’s top 3
        W&C compound
      PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
      PVC is the most widely used type of plastic. It can be used in a variety of applications from industrial materials to household items. Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division was the first Korean company to produce PVC in 1966 and ever since, has been leading the Korean PVC industry.
      • 49% in domestic
        PVC market share
      • Secured competitiveness
        via vertical integration
      CA stands for Chlor-Alkali and refers to inorganic compounds of Chlorine and Alkali used in many industrial fields, such as paper, textile, detergent,
      metal, and electrical generation.
      • Korea’s No.1 in CA
        production capacity
      • Complete vertical integration
      TDI, the basic material for synthesizing polyurethane alongside MDI and polyol, is widely used in the production of foams, water-proof paints, and synthetic leather. After starting with the TDI business, Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division continues to expand the scope of business and develop high-value-added products to secure global competitiveness in the polyurethane industry.
      • Production Capacity
        of 150KTA
        in three lines
      • No1. in domestic
        market share
      • Exported to 120
        countries worldwide
      • XDI
        Development of
        product based on
        exclusive technology.


      For over 30 years since establishment, HanwhaSolutions Chemical Division R&D Center has been committed to the development of cutting-edge technology and has led the advancement of chemistry in Korea with an aim to create a more prosperous future for humanity.


      • Securing future
        growth engines

      • Strengthening existing

      • Creating a pool of
        best experts

      • Building a global R&D

      Key Research Areas

      • Image of PVC/Specialty PVC

        PVC/Specialty PVC

      • Image of Eco – Friendly Plasticizer

        Eco – Friendly Plasticizer

      • Image of Catalyst


      • Image of High value Isocyanate research

        High value Isocyanate research

      • Image of Functional Polymer

        Functional Polymer

      • Image of Petrochemical Process

        Petrochemical Process

      • Image of Water electrolysis research

        Water electrolysis research

      • Image of Eco-friendly material/process resarch

        Eco-friendly material/process resarch

      R&D Track Record

      • Eco-DEHCH
        Highly functional non-phthalate eco-friendly plasticizer
        • · IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award(2018)
        • · Received 2014 NET certification
        • · Completed construction of commercial plant through proprietary technology (2017)
        • · Gained FDA approval for products containing Eco-DEHCH
        • · REACH implemented in 2013
      • Metallocene hybrid catalyst
        Development of Metallocene Hybrid Catalyst for gas-phase process which can be used for the production of MD/HDPE having excellent mechanical properties and processability
        • · Acquired quality certification of PE-RT TYPE Ⅱ from EXOVA in 2017
        • · Acquired New Excellent Technology(NET) certification from Korean Government in 2016
      • DCPD hydrogenated petroleum
        Non-toxic, high-quality hydrogenated petroleum resin
        • · Received 2019 NET certification
        • · Independent development of high-temperature polymerization and high-pressure hydrogenation processes
        • · Plant engineering and construction underway using proprietary technology
        • · IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award(2020)
      • XDI
        Development of highly refractive specialty isocyanate with instant stiffening and adhesive property
        • · Received 2017 NET certification
        • · Plant engineering and construction underway using proprietary technology