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      안전보건환경경영 Environmental Health & Safety Management

      We are taking on new challenges to preserve the environment,
      protect health, and achieve green growth.
      • Chemistry for my life - Hanwha chemistry adds value to your everyday life.
      • 06:00 AMI wake up to the chilly morning air. My day starts early but full of energy. EVAEVA is an eco-friendly material with elasticity and softness which makes it ideal for sneaker soles. Its properties of transparency, flexibility and low-temperature sealability also make EVA an ideal material for laminating films and solar-module sheets.
      • 09:00 AMLike everyone else, I move among others, picking up my pace, as I make my way into the subway to go to work . CACaustic soda is essential in a wide range of industrial products including paper, textiles, detergents, metals, food and electrical generation. Chlorine is a natural co-product of caustic soda and is used to produce polycarbonates.
      • 02:00 PMA cup of coffee cheers me up in the middle of a hectic day. PEA polymer with outstanding physical properties and environmental stability, it is found in many different forms of plastic we use every day. Polyethylene coating applied to paper cups prevent leakage.
      • 06:00 PMTime to wrap up! Driving home, my hands tap lightly on the handle. TDIsTDI is a feedstock for PU resin and adhesives. Flexible foams are used in shoes, furniture, automotive components, bedding and toys. Semi-rigid foams are used in car interior materials.
      • 11:00 PMTime to rest up for a fresh start tomorrow. Survived another day, good job! PVCPVC has a wide range of residential applications such as wallpapers, flooring materials, window frames, cable sheathing, stationary and toys.

      SHE Management

      In 1991, we announced our new policy ECO YHES and became the first corporation in Korea to implement a policy on comprehensive safety, health and the environment. And to fulfill our social responsibilities and at the same time, achieve sustainability, Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division has adopted a management practice that protects the environment and human health.
      ECO YHES
      Yes! Health, Environment & Safety. The letters are set against the backdrop of a green forest symbolizing sustainability & social responsibility.
      Because of our belief in safety, protecting health and the environment we call our approach the SHE management system. This system reflects the core values of our management whose goal is to achieve sustainability while being socially responsible. Our efforts to achieve our goal include the following.
      01 Making the implementation of an advanced SHE management system and the promotion of continuous improvements, our top priorities.
      02 Driving enterprise-wide efforts to use energy and resources more efficiently while reducing environmental pollutants through energy control and better resource management.
      03 Protecting employee health, minimizing risk of injury, reducing accidents and property loss by continuously improving to create a safer working environment.
      04 Creating a culture shaped by our core values where the levels and regulations met for safety, health, and the environment meet or exceed the expectations of all stakeholders including employees, local communities, customers and the government.

      SHE Management Practices

      See next.

      Achieving sustainable growth and adhering to compliance, requires measures that are common across safety, health, and the environment:
      • Integrating SHE into our core values
      • Improving the SHE system and regulations
      • Operating proactively to SHE management
      • Improve emergency response during product transportation

      01. Safety
      Improve workers’ safety awareness
      Improve safety management
      standards of business partners
      Strengthen process safety
      02. Health
      Promote employee health
      Systemize health risk assessment
      03. Environment
      Systematically manage chemical materials and drive product safety
      Better respond to climate change
      Actively fulfill global
      environmental regulations

      Safety and Health Management System

      Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division obtained the (OHSAS 18001) certificate in health and safety management. The certificate was in recognition of our preventive measures including our efforts to organize subcommittees for each of our business areas and for our work to implement an effective system to create and maintain a safe and pleasant work environment. We are focused on spreading our health and safety management system and culture across the entire organization. We have also implemented the “Ten Golden Safety Rules” and a “three-strikes” system for employees or business partners to provide guidance and to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations.

      1. 2019 Laboratory Safety Merit Award from Minister of Science and ICT
      2. 2017 Industrial Merit Award from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
      3. 2016 Gas Safety Award from Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy
      4. 2015 Lab Safety Day’s Best Lab Award from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
      5. 2013 Safety Culture Award from the Ministry of Security and Public Administration
      6. 2013 Ministry of Employment and Labor Commendation for Safety & Health
      7. 2012 Prime Minister’s Commendation - Korea Safety Award

      Environmental Management System

      In 1995, Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division obtained environmental management system (ISO-14001) certification by initiating an international environmental management pilot – a first for the nation of South Korea. And through continuous environmental improvement projects and eco-friendly management using a PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) approach, Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division has maintained its status and recognition as a green company by the Korean Ministry of Environment.

      1. 2019 Best Environmental Management System Company
      2. 2018 Jang Young-sil Award for developing eco-friendly plasticizer(eco-DEHCH) form Ministry of Science and ICT
      3. 2016 Gas Safety Grand Prize from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
      4. 2015 Best Green Climate Award from International Climate Change Forum
      5. 2014 CDP Korea Climate Change Carbon Management Special Award
      6. 2013 Sustainable Management Award (Environment category) from Korea Environmental Sustainability Commitee
      7. 2013 Best Pilot Emission Trading Project (Industry Development category) from Korea Energy Agency
      8. 2012 New & Renewable Energy Award (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)

      Responding to Climate Change

      Our response to climate change and energy-saving activities

      We recognize climate change as an opportunity for growth rather than seeing it as a crisis. We engage in activities to reduce greenhouse gas and energy wastes in a sustainable manner. With the enforcement of emissions trading system, we calculate and disclose our emissions and energy use in adherence to government standards.

      Energy-saving Activities

      Hanwha Solutions Chemical Division has been carrying out 190 energy-saving activities since 2013 as part of its participation in greenhouse gas reduction programs. And since 2009, it has been a member of the CDP selected as the exemplary company in Carbon Management in 2011 and 2014.

      Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
      A global system that enables companies listed on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) to measure and disclose their environmental impacts for international financial institutes and the outside world in an aim to improve their carbon management performance.

      Product Stewardship & Global Product Strategy

      Environmentally Friendly Products and Technologies
      Premium eco-friendly plasticizer that does
      not contain phthalate (Eco-DEHCH)
      Chemical Substances Management
      An integrated chemicals management system designed to manage chemical
      substances throughout their lifecycle
      Chemicals preview system that ensures the health of employees and
      customers while protecting the environment
      A company-wide chemicals inventory in compliance with relevant laws and

      Chemicals preview system is an analysis of Chemical data that is evaluated through the SHE management system before purchase/production

      Proactive Regulatory Response
      Robust facility management and response information system to prevent
      chemical accidents
      Checking and providing information of risks for the safe usage of chemical
      Active compliance with domestic and international chemical regulations